Embodiment: Bacardi Torched CherryJune 3, 2010

After the huge success of the Embodiment 2010 Show back in February, I eagerly jumped on another opportunity to paint bodies. It kinda makes painting on canvas that much less exciting. This time, it was for a Bacardi launch party – to promote a horribly disgusting new rum called “Torched Cherry.” Fans of cough syrup unite! I chose to focus more on Bacardi’s bat logo, than the drink itself. Some quick history:

Moving from the experimental stage to a more commercial endeavor, Don Facundo and his brother José set up shop in a small distillery on February 4, 1862. Their first copper and cast iron still produced 35 barrels of fermented molasses a day. In the rafters of this building lived fruit bats. Hence, the Bacardi bat logo.

Last time, some of us were lucky enough to paint up stairs at the bar in Native Lounge, which offered us more space than usual. We weren’t so lucky this time – they put us in the god damn basement (since they had customers). Gritty, slimy, dark, and strange pigeon noises everywhere. Fortunately, Chris loves taking control of a situation. So he ran home, grabbed his studio lights, and re-arranged the entire storage area to accomodate us. Seven hours later, he was ready for his liberty spikes and eye shadow. What a nut. Keep in mind that he hissed and howled at the audience multiple times. This was certainly not rehearsed.

By this time, Chris had already observed my painting process and actually began to predict my brushstrokes. He was also the only model who came up with the idea of slowly rotating as I painted him, so I could hit all sides equally. A few times, I had him hold a pose while I quitely ate french fries behind his back. Just wanted to test his stamina. He passed.

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