Gold DiggerDecember 5, 2009

Gold Digger, acrylic on panel, 10 x 8 in. (each), 2007

Ain't Sayin' She a Gold Digger, acrylic on panel, 10 x 8 in. (each), 2007

Piggyback Perversion is the art of taking an existing painting and recreating the subject matter, incorporating at least one element from the original into the new. This is the one and only rule, and the extent of the definition of Piggyback Perversion 2007. Twenty-three local artists participated in this group show on display from Sep 7 – Oct 3 at artMinds Studio.

I was randomly assigned a small painting we called “Digger.” What a beauty. Even before I had any particular ideas for this piece, I knew for certain it would involve making duplicates. The original art was on a canvas frame, but I decided to make wooden panels for mine. Since I don’t own a single power tool, I had someone at Home Depot make all of my cuts. That was before I realized each cut costs 50 cents. I must’ve racked up about 30-40 cuts, so I was screwed. I grumbled my way through the store, until I saw the “self checkout” lane. I figured I could play dumb and simply scan the barcode for the wood and hope the attendant was as dumb as I pretended to be. And what do you know, it worked.

In the end, 100% of the proceeds were donated to Achievement House, who provides services that encourage and support individuals with disabilities. Thanks Home Depot. View the entire show via flickr.

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